TAHCS Lone Star Conference

REGISTER NOW!   http://www.box.net/shared/5mqkgyr94e Early Bird Pricing Extended 1 week, so hurry!

ALL DAY ONLY $99 INCLUDES LUNCH & free  Happy Hour

I will be participating at the ALL DAY Conference.  We tried to make this a half day conference but there is so much information and so many changes that we just could not fit it into 4 hours.  This conference will include session presented by Thompson Coe, myself and representatives from CIGNA and VGM.  This conference will discuss the many woes that you are facing as health care providers from Competitive Bidding, ZPIC & RAC Audits, Compliance Issues, Effects of the new Healthcare Bill, Reimbursement and Legal Aspects to protect your business.  There will be many vendors that focus on helping health care providers run their businesses more efficiently and save money.

The 2010 LoneStar HME Conference will be held at the Dallas Crown Plaza Market Center Hotel. This one-day event will bring together top professionals in various fields, including numerous lawyers from Thompson Coe, who will present on topics including, but not limited to, the following:
  • Competitive Bidding; the HITECH Act Edward L. Vishnevetsky (Thompson Coe)
  • Medicare’s Latest Changes – Mark Loney (Cigna Health Service)
  • ZPIC/RAC Audits – John G. Browning (Thompson Coe)
  • Governmental Affairs Update – Mark Higley (VGM)
  • DME Manufacturer/Supplier Lawsuits – Jeff Otto (Thompson Coe)
  • Texas Legislative Update in Health Care – Jay Thompson (Thompson Coe)
  • Effective Lobbying of HR 3790 – Barry Johnson (TAHCS)
  • Choice of Business Entity for DME Suppliers – Bruce Bringardner (Thompson Coe)
  • Proactive Chart Documentation – Angela Miller (Medical Auditing Solutions)

You will leave with a great deal of knowledge and only for $99 which includes lunch.  The Free Happy Hour is sponsored by Thompson Coe.  You will have a chance to network and have your questions answered by the best experts in the industry.  Get a double dose of information while enjoying yourself !  Now where can you spend an hour with 3-4 attorneys networking and asking questions for free?

Don’t miss this extraordinary meeting.  Take advantage of our industry experts in a relaxed atmosphere.  Learn how to survive tough times and do not miss the insider information

Early Bird Pricing Extended 1 Week 4/7/10, so hurry!  If you include the following code you can extend the early bird price of $99. 9-52  code- 042610

HME Lone Star Conference

2010 HME Lone Star Conference.
Crowne Plaza – Dallas Market Center
7050 N. Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, TX 75247

April 26, 2010
8:30 to 4:00 pm
Free parking
Lunch included with registration

REGISTER NOW AT:   http://www.box.net/shared/5mqkgyr94e
Make plans to attend this informative
HME meeting featuring nationally
recognized speakers. Presented By: TAHCS & Thompson Coe


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