About Medical Auditing Solutions

As a former compliance officer for a $255M/yr health care company, I have developed and implemented compliance programs, developed and monitored annual training to meet OIG requirements, performed mach billing compliance audits in house as well as due diligence. I directed the investigation that lead to a self disclosure in which the FBI permitted my department to complete the fact gathering and number compilation for their verification. I was responsible for the department budget and understand business operations very well. In a life before that I was a compliance specialist, for a 850 location health care company. I learned so much to take moving forward about the importance of being proactive and having appropriate resources that has been a very valuable asset to bring to the table. I spent in total over 12 years in-house between the two companies 4yrs and 7 yrs respectively.

I work with clients small to super large from DME, Home health, Hospice, Sleep, Pharmacy to Physicians, Physician Groups. I focus on bringing this experience to my the table with my clients whether a small or very large provider, to help them develop and manage a compliance program, perform audits, maintain application status in a cost effective manner. I have former OIG agent, a health care attorney, and other health care specialists that work with the company. I have made it my goal to be the single source solution for my clients. If I cannot help them, I will try to ensure I have contacts that are trustworthy and honest to help them resolve their issues. Our rates are in line with those that competitively are the best in the business. I, the best of us, are not the cheapest but we will always do what is right and what is fair.

The Scope of Services page is very extensive from Developing, Managing, and Training Corporate Compliance Programs, Mach Audits, Due Diligence, Provider Application Process, Medicare Appeals and Audits, Medicaid & Other Payer Audit and Appeals, and much more. We will do annual contracts on the compliance program and management, so the cost is annualized and manageable on your financial records. We will help guide you through a system conversion. We will do accounts receivable collections and analysis for clients as well as for the bankruptcy firms and trustees.

There are over 7 health care specific law firms I work with. This means, these firms will out source the audit work, which saves you money. These law firms are fair and reasonable…yes, I said that about attorneys.

Don’t wait until you are in a bind with a pre-payment audit or the deadline has hit to have the compliance program implemented.

We do accept credit cards for your convenience.

Website:  http://www.medicalauditingsolutions.com
Blog:  http://www.angelamillermas.wordpress.com or via website
Linkedin:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/medicalauditingsolutions
Twitter:  http://twitter.com/AngelaMillerMAS
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/AngelaMiller.MAS
My Space:  http://www.myspace.com/medicalauditingsolutions

Angela Miller of Medical Auditing Solutions LLC has been in health care compliance, auditing, billing, collections and HIPAA for over 18 years.  Ms. Miller has made it the  focus of the business to help providers run their businesses efficiently, collect money, and maintain compliance with federal and state regulations and coverage criteria through compliance program development, management and training.  Ms. Miller is very experienced with Medicare & Payer audits.  Ms. Miller ran a very successful compliance program for over 5 years for the largest private held HME/Pharmacy provider in the US at the time.  Ms. Miller  also works as a contract compliance officer to provide an avenue to compliance training to staff, implementation of policies, as well as handling anything that affects cash flow from the initial intake to back-end collections. You can visit our website at Medical Auditing Solutions LLC.


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  1. Hi Angela,
    Love it! Simple but nice!

  2. Hi Angela,
    great intro. There is a lot of need for your Visit the medical compliance services. We did a seminar in Missouri last month and it was successful. Barb was the speaker. Perhaps we can have you join us next year? Here’s an article about what we did 🙂

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