Happy Holidays!

Warm Holiday Wishes to You

Happy Holidays!  May you be blessed with the riches of life.  As we wind down the year, the holidays are a time to spend with friends and family sharing joy, laughter, and love.  The holidays are also a time of reflection and gratitude.  I want to thank each of you for making this a successful happy year, it has been a true gift in my life.  So many of you are friends, business advisers, business partners, clients, and maybe all of these, but you are truly appreciated.  Some of you make me reflect more often than I might like but I’ll keep you anyway..LOL.  I wish each of you a happy and safe holiday that is a road to a successful new year for you, your family and business.   I look forward to you being a part of my life in 2011 too.

Remember to pray for our soldiers and their families during the holidays, and if you see them during travels thank them.


How to Connect with Medical Auditing Solutions LLC?

You can find a complete scope of services under my blog.  In short, I work with most types of health care providers to setup compliance programs and training and anything that impacts cash flow.

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Those who have recently attended a speaking engagement, I am connecting you through my blog. If you want to connect on the other sites feel free. I do not send out many email blast and utilize my blog the most.

Scope of Services for www.medicalauditingsolutions.com

We thought it would be helpful if in our first blog we explained our SCOPE OF SERVICES for the Medical Auditing Solutions LLC.  We work with all types of health care providers including Durable Medical Equipment, Respiratory Med Pharmacy, Sleep Labs, Home Health Agencies, Small Physician Practices and Hospital Systems.  Our clients revenues vary tremendously from $2M-well over $100M annually.  Our focus is to help you manage your business by giving your problem solving direction although we can perform the hands on work as well.

  • Compliance/HIPAA Audits
    • Review patient charts to ensure compliance with billing and regulatory requirements and exit with management to discuss any areas of weakness with a written report to follow
    • All improve collections and efficiency
  • Compliance Program Development and Training
    • We can review your existing program and provide updates
  • Due Diligence Audits
    • Review patient charts as above and provide general feedback on branch, personnel, location, etc.
    • See Compliance Audits
  • Investigations including audits, interviews, etc. in coordination with your attorney, if applicable
  • Medical Accounts Receivable Analysis for Improved Collections
    • Review a sample of writes for accuracy and potential recovery
  • Medical Accounts Receivable Aging claim filings and staff education
  • Regulatory Affairs Filings To Do Business (NPI, licensing, permits, DBA’s, Certificates of Authority, provider/supplier applications)
    • Handle all filings, follow-up and renewals
  • Assess Medical staff knowledge and positions
  • Assess overall location
  • Assist with Health Care Accreditation, HR, and Operations
  • Work with the business to improve overall efficiency and profits
  • Practice Management and Quality of Care Auditing
    • Other healthcare consulting as needed see website

Monthly Availability via a retainer at competitive rates customized for your needs and the time period needed.