Physicians: Added Revenue for Assessments like Depression, ADD, BiPolar

Several months ago I met a representative from AssessMD.  I have observed and asked many questions.  AssessMD is a computer software that collects answers to questionnaires for assessments many physicians are doing manually now and not being reimbursed because the assessment is not scored.  AssessMD has assessments to score depression, bipolar, ADD, Anxiety, OCD, ODD,  and others with more test coming.  The patient completes the assessment in a few minutes on the physician’s computer or tablet, and produces scored results for the physician in real time.  The physician can then bill for this assessment in addition to the Evaluation and Management Code (E&M) with the documentation provided by this computerized assessment.

Medicare is now requiring annually assessment for depression among the elderly patients.

This is reimbursed by most insurance companies except certain Medicaid.  The reimburse on average is about $60, which would go direct to the physician’s bottom-line because right now if it is handwritten assessment it is not reimbursed.

The physician has a 45 day trial period to test it in his practice.   If you are not reimbursed by the insurance company, there is no charge of the test to the provider.  As a note, AssessMd is not in a position to be a referral stream only a vendor.

This was initially marketed to limited physician practice types, but they have discovered that it is beneficial to many practice areas pain management, obstetrics/gynecology, elder care, and adolescents to name a few.

At the very least it is worth the time to investigate and discuss with your legal counsel to add revenue to the practice.  If you do not have healthcare counsel, click for a list of affordable healthcare attorneys to ensure this is the right model for your practice.

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