Tidbit of the Day: The Unknown Benefit of Hair

This is totally unrelated to health care but an interesting story.  As many of you have heard for a couple of weeks of the oil rig explosion in the gulf and the difficulty they are having containing the oil spill and the dramatic effects to the environment as well as the gas pump.  Last night on the local news in Dallas, a story aired on Matter of Trust, a San Francisco nonprofit, recycles the hair scraps and turns it into small mats that help absorb oil. The mats look like large an S.O.S. pads. Other hair is made into booms after being packed into used nylon.  This is low cost and minimal effort.  Send this to your hair dresser, barber, pet grooming, and wool farmers to increase participation.

To know what this fun program is about, see our YouTube
Welcome Hair Salons, Pet Groomers, Wool Farmers…

Please contact:

415 235 2403

5/5/10 We have more new warehouses and are sending out more addresses for hair donations! Sign up here to get an email with the site to send yours in!

Our thanks to Hanes for the nylons!

We a
re asking all new sign ups (of which we are getting hundreds an hour now) to sign up and be patient for the next addresses for WAVE 2 as we watch the progress of the oil slick.

Today, so many communities are contacting us since they are collecting hair / fur / nylons on large scales around the country. We have all decided to orchestrate a NATIONAL FIBER RECYCLING & OIL BOOM MAKING SYSTEM. With 2600 small oil spills a year all over, each community will be more prepared!

We hope this will also create green jobs (pick ups, boom making). We dream that this will bring the textile industry back to the US so we can make our mats here!

China has been recycling hair and all fibers for over 3,000 years. Their textile industry is BOOMING. Hair mats are basically like flat square dread locks, we really are industrious enough to make these in the US again, too! Sign up here and join us, Please!

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