Compliance Programs Required 3/25/2013

Well, we thought with Health Care Reform Act of 2010 that providers had 3 years from the signature date to have a plan implemented. With the final provisions of the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act, you have until 3/25/2013…less than 2 months to have a compliance plan in place.   They make reference to the 7 element compliance program currently recommended as a basis for the program structure. The final rule has language that reads as though they will withhold payment to providers that do not have compliance program in place.  Don’t worry, we can help you with a simple compliance program that is affordable.

A few other items that impact business decisions. This takes effect 3/25/2011 for all new providers and March 2012 for all existing providers.

1.  Moratorium on Medicare, Medicaid & CHIP provider numbers based on products and number of suppliers in the area.  This may not be as easy anymore.

2.  Application fees of $500 each for all providers excluding physicians and nurse practitioners and their group practices. If a provider applied for Medicare and Medicaid then only one fee will be required, but proof of Medicare application may be required.

3.  New screening and Fingerprinting requirements. Note Florida has had fingerprinting in place for over 8 years. You have to have a criminal record and there are many fraudulent providers that currently do not have a record. This applies to owners of 5% or more of the company, directors and officers.

4.  Unscheduled & unannounced visits to check up on suppliers.

5.  Re-enrollment for Medicare every 3 years and Medicaid annually and fees will apply plus inflation rate for CPI.

6.  New state licensing requirements to come from this also.

If you do not have a compliance program or haven’t taken your seriously, it is a requirement that could result in suspended payments.

With proven experience in the health care compliance, We can help you with a compliance program policies and procedures as well as teach you to manage your program or help you manage the program to ensure you pass the government inspection to ensure effect within 3 years of implementation. They can request random audits for privacy and security to ensure you are meeting requirements and now they have added billing compliance.

We can also help you with provider applications to ensure they are done right the first time.

Angela Miller of Medical Auditing Solutions LLC has been in health care compliance, auditing, billing, collections and HIPAA for over 18 years.  Ms. Miller has made it the  focus of the business to help providers run their businesses efficiently, collect money, and maintain compliance with federal and state regulations and coverage criteria through compliance program development, management and training.  Ms. Miller is very experienced with Medicare & Payer audits.  Ms. Miller ran a very successful compliance program for over 5 years for the largest private held HME/Pharmacy provider in the US at the time.  Ms. Miller  also works as a contract compliance officer to provide an avenue to compliance training to staff, implementation of policies, as well as handling anything that affects cash flow from the initial intake to back-end collections. You can visit our website at Medical Auditing Solutions LLC.


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