PRESS RELEASE: Compliance University Rollout

September 9, 2011

Medical Auditing Solutions LLC is excited to announce the release of our new service called “Compliance University.”  The Compliance University focuses on the healthcare regulatory compliance annual training requirements for all employees.  HIPAA requires annual privacy and security training for all employees (2003 & 2010) respectively.  Compliance (billing, contracts, and relationships) is required as part of the Healthcare Reform Act and the Patient Protection Accountability and Affordable Care Act due 2013.  This training is only one aspect of an effect Compliance program.  Privacy and Security is primarily monitored, audited and investigated by HHS and Office of Civil Rights.  Compliance is primarily monitored, audited, and investigated by CMS, OIG, HHS, FBI.  The monitoring, auditing, and investigation may start in other federal and state government areas.

All programs are general in nature and meant for any type of health care providers.  They are between 40 minutes and 1 hour.  Each program is followed by a test of comprehension, an evaluation that is required to receive the completion certificate.  The Compliance University will provide the company with status, completion, grade reports.  We have additional programs to be released within the next few weeks as well to complete the set.  The programs contain examples and explanation for various health care industries so the knowledge obtained can be applied in any setting.

We look forward to helping you with your compliance program training as well as other areas of development and tracking that you may need to complete.  Check out our website at and Compliance University.  Mention this press release “PRESS” and receive 10% discount.

FBI-Federal Bureau of Investigation

HHS-Health and Human Services

OCR-Office of Civil Rights

OIG-Office of Inspector General

Angela Miller of Medical Auditing Solutions LLC has been in health care compliance, auditing, billing, collections and HIPAA for over 18 years.  Ms. Miller has made it the  focus of the business to help providers run their businesses efficiently, collect money, and maintain compliance with federal and state regulations and coverage criteria through compliance program development, management and training.  Ms. Miller is very experienced with Medicare & Payer audits.  Ms. Miller ran a very successful compliance program for over 5 years for the largest private held HME/Pharmacy provider in the US at the time.  Ms. Miller  also works as a contract compliance officer to provide an avenue to compliance training to staff, implementation of policies, as well as handling anything that affects cash flow from the initial intake to back-end collections. You can visit our website at Medical Auditing Solutions LLC.


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